Sunday, 14 October 2012

Video: Girl stripped naked in Shop rite in Nigeria for stealing.

This whole bullshit is becoming a norm in our country Nigeria, some unscrupulous elements taking the laws in their hands as if they are saints, the other day it was the Aluu killing , now it's molesting a girl. The young lady in the video was stripped naked for stealing in Shop rite, in Lagos Nigeria according to source and because of that she was humiliated. I am not in support of what she did, if at all she did it, but why not hand her over to security rather than taking laws into their hands. This is sad, you can see some pervs. taking advantage of the poor girl. May God have mercy on us all in Jesus Name.
See video after the cut

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  1. This is an old story and the incident never occurred @ shop rite but @ alaba. Moreover, d girl committed suicide due to d shame.